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Bay Lake is located in the Almaguin Highlands region.  The lake is approximately 2 .5 km. long, and gets its name from the distinctive single large bay on the west side of the lake.  We are about 10 minutes east of the Town of Novar in the Township of Perry and about 20 minutes north of Huntsville.

Founded in 1981, our lake association volunteers raise funds to pay for comprehensive and e-coli testing of the lake waters, host community events and share educational information with our members.  Our work is supported by annual dues and donations and by profits from our annual Pancake Breakfast which our members have put on every spring on the Victoria Day weekend in May for the last 34 years.

Lets keep in touch!

We invite you to visit our website often to stay informed about BLPOA’s activities and the issues that impact cottage owners and residents of Bay Lake.

To navigate, use the Links immediately under the photograph to move to different pages – the Home page, the Environment page, etc.

What Can I Do To Help?

We are always seeking help with Volunteers, new Members, and fundraising activities.  Please visit these pages to see what YOU can do to help!

Water testing on Bay Lake is costly, you can help us with the cost of e-coli testing by Adopting a Testing Site.   Please click “Water Testing” on the Environment tab to check availability.

How this website works

This website is interactive, so in addition to reading the items here, members of our association can comment on the items they see here.

Anyone can read the material on this website. To comment,  members must have a username and a password, which you can request by sending an email to admin@baylakeontario.ca. Once your membership has been confirmed, your username and password will be emailed back to you.

Just to be clear: you don’t need a password if you don’t want to comment.

Most of the pages will allow logged in members to leave “Comments” or “Replies” which will be visible to everyone viewing the site. The space for leaving comments is near the bottom of the page.


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